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Our mission is to provide the VUB staff and students with a single point of contact and responsive tracking of computing and information technology related queries.

Frequently Asked Questions are documentened in our Knowledge Base. Other questions you can ask us using our ICT Service Portal. We will try to give you an answer as soon as possible.

The Helpdesk service is manned during office hours, at least between 9AM until 5PM. You can contact us by phone on 02/629.3737 or even better by e-mail to helpdesk@vub.ac.be .

WebNotes for beginners

Centralized password management at the University
A lot of network applications at the university require you to log on with a username (NetID) and a password. You can change your password, or reset it in case you have forgotten it, through PAM, the Personal Account Manager.

Roundcube Webmail
The old Webmail3 interface has been taken out of production. Instead we encourage you to use Roundcube Webmail, a webmailclient that you can use to consult your VUB/ULB mailbox from any computer that is connected to the Internet.

Setting up Mail in Mac OS X v10.5+
You can use Mac Mail to receive and send e-mail with your university's e-mail address, even if your computer is not physically located at the university. You only need to configure an account in your Mac Mail.

Protect your computer with anti-virus software
The VUB/ULB has a site-license for the McAfee anti-virus products for Windows and Apple computers so that every member of personnel and students having a studentroom from the VUB/ULB can download and install this software to protect their computer from viruses.

My account at the university is suspended
When abuse of a computer account is detected by the system administrators, the account is suspended immediately. Before the account will be released again, users will have to take precautions to avoid the same thing happening again.

Lifecycle of a "NetID"
Lifecycle of a "NetID"

Accessing your university email
When an email is sent to your university email address, it is delivered onto the university's mailserver. You have several options to consult your messages, and to send new messages.

Activation of a VUB/ULB Network Identity and Emailaddress
Each member of the VUB/ULB community can activate his own Network Identity (NetID) and email address. For this you need your VUB/ULB rollnumber.

Email configuration for Outlook 2010/2007
You can use Outlook to receive and send email with your university's email address.

How to protect your computer from harm
All computer software contains errors, especially computer software that is very large such as an operating system like Windows and UNIX. While no system is 100% secure, Windows users especially are most vulnerable to flaws in Windows software and computer viruses, so they need to update it at very regular times.

Configure an iPhone or iPad for consulting email
You can consult your mailbox on the university's mailserver with an iPhone or iPad by configuring an account and specifying the servers of the university.

Put away unsolicited email (SPAM)
On the mailserver at the Computing Centre, all messages receive a "spam-status". You can use this information to filter unwanted email automatically.

Connect a computer to the VUB network
To get connected to the VUB network, you can contact the VUB network team VUBnet. To attach a computer to the network, you will need a network card in your computer, an IP address and a network cable.

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